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Firstly if you’re looking for frankincense and myrrh essential oil for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Secondly, at BENYOU UDGSAN (BUIEC), we stock and sell essential oils and blends in both retail and wholesale quantities

Reliable Myrrh Oil for Sale

Among all resins & botanicals, frankincense & myrrh are considered two of the most prized! Used throughout history, we are proud to offer superior quality frankincense & myrrh resins & oils from around  Somalia and Somaliland.

Proven Myrrh Oil Health Benefits and it's Uses

 A primary myrrh oil use is as a fungicide or antiseptic. It can help reduce fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot or ringworm


Founder & Chairman Said Gabayre

BENYO UDGSAN IMPORT&EXPORT is a subsidiary of GLOBALINK SOLUTION LTD, an American Logistic Company registered under the state of Minnesota owned and managed by Said Gabayre and his partners.
Benyo udugsan export and import Frankincense & Myrrh is a direct supplier of natural raw Frankincense and Myrrh resins based in Northern Somalia and Somaliland. Our premium grade fair trade Frankincense and Myrrh resins can be used for a variety of options such as essential oil distillation, and incense. Resins and Gums are harvested in the same traditional methods that have been passed down through centuries. Our families, relatives, who are people native to these lands have been in the process of harvesting resin for generations giving us a unique understanding of these precious trees. This unique position allows us to supply consumers directly from the source, while ensuring the sustainability and health of these ancient trees. Our company is native to these lands, giving us an added responsibility in the protection of the environment and livelihood of the people living on these lands. Part of the reason we started our company was to provide a direct source of resin from the harvesters to consumers eliminating middlemen, who have for many years taken advantage of unethical conditions. BENYO UDUGSAN is mainly about selling online quality and reliable products, such as Frankincense and Mirrh.
On top of that it is a community driven company which aims to help local farmers to produce ethically without damaging the environment and by reducing poverty in the most remote countryside of Somalia and Somaliland. Not only BENYO UDUGSAN CO. is capable enough to sell high quality product but also owns Factories in Kenya that can ultimately produce Frankincense oil and Myrrh for its valuable clients all around the globe. As a added value , in order to bring confidence and Trust to our business we prefer to use the Escrow payment for every that transaction that take place in our platform.

To finish we welcome you to our platform and we hope we can work together and bring about a good long term business relationship into the B2B environment.

Business Experience 100%
Product quality 100%
Reliability 90%
Efficiency 95%



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